Moving from France in the 1990s, Marc O made an impact in the London alternative rock scene as a lead guitarist, singer, songwriter, music producer and recording expert. After years of performing across Europe and North America he has for the first time reconnected with his mother tongue in music.


His music enfolds many shades of classic rock and pop from the 1960s to the 1980s. Marc’s imbibed knowledge of the back-catalogue of this golden analogue era is immense and detailed. It shows in the authentic edge and feel of his guitar tones and production techniques throughout. And all this is skillfully translated into the sound of today. The immediacy of his vocal performance shines and oscillates through many registers: suave and swaggering at times, nervous at others, and always with an implacable urgency in phrasing. The music edges between elegance and danger, raw energy and insouciant glamour.


2020 sees the release of Marc O’s debut Single taken from his forthcoming LP, L'homme de l'ombre (The Man of the Shadows). The album isemblematic of Marc O’s persona: a musician of style and vision, crossing cultures and decades to collaborate with a remarkable team to create his most personal album.



Martin Barnes
Senior curator at the V&A museum, London